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Welcome to Charlotte House

How Charlotte House came to be…

I purchased Charlotte House in 2016 as a foreclosed property (against the wishes of my better half LOL. The home had been sorely neglected and I knew it needed some TLC. I originally thought an annual rental to subsidize my retirement income would work well. After spending almost every day for 18 months working on her, my son accused me of trying to find reasons that I couldn’t rent her. I had to face it, I just couldn’t completely let go as I enjoyed my time there so much. I sought input from my family and friends about potentially having a seasonal rental rather than an annual rental. Which would allow me to still spend time there when I didn’t have guests. With a lot of encouragement from my children, colleagues/friends at General Mills I made the leap.
I have invested a lot time and put a ton of loving care into bringing back her original beauty and hope that you too will find her as charming as I do!

A bit about me~

I was born & raised in Sarasota with an amazing childhood. As a young adult I moved to California where I raised my children for 35 years. As my mother grew older I knew I needed to be closer to her, she was living in Maryland at the time (which I was not moving too :)) We searched the south gulf coast in search of a place smaller than Sarasota. Wow did we find the perfect gem in Punta Gorda. Seven years after getting my mother settled in Punta Gorda I took early retirement from General Mills to be closer to her. In an effort to subsidize my early retirement pension I purchased Charlotte House as a rental. After 18 months of updates and a lot of encouragement from my children, colleagues/friends at General Mills I decided to seasonally rent her. I invested a lot of loving care into bringing back her beauty and hope that you too will find her as charming as I do!
Although I live here in Punta Gorda I did leave my 3 children and 4 grandchildren in CA so I do travel back frequently to maintain the close relationship I have with them.

Why Charlotte House & Punta Gorda

Beside the fact that its so cozy and charming, Charlotte House is located 3 blocks from Charlotte Harbor & historic downtown Punta Gorda. 5 minutes from Punta Gorda Airport, home of Allegiant Airlines. There are multiple marina’s and boat ramps to launch or store your boat (plus space at Charlotte to store it as well! Laishley Marina & boat ramp is just 3 blocks.
Punta Gorda is a hidden gem along the southern gulf coast of Florida. Devastated by Hurricane Charlie in 2004, this quaint small town, recovered and rebuilt and has become a dining and event destination. The farmers market every Saturday on Taylor St in downtown is one of the best in SW Florida. We have Fantastic walking and bike trails throughout the city with free bicycle rentals available at Fisherman’s Village.
If you love to fish or be on the water this is the place for you! We have multiple marinas and boat ramps available for anyone bringing their boat. Charlotte House has space to park your boat trailer. Lots of options for charters if you don’t have your own boat.

See what our guests say~

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